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Grow your podcast with expert, honest feedback. Get actionable insights to improve your podcast and create a loyal fanbase.

I paid $149 for something that's worth well over $1000. I already made changes to the podcast that were recommended and I am sure it will boost our listenership

Is this you?

Spending every waking hour marketing your Podcast, but struggling to get more listeners?

Know that your podcast is awesome but you are not getting the fanbase you think you deserve?
Are you promoting your podcast wherever you can, but your listeners aren’t sticking around?
Not sure what you’ve missed? You need a podcast roast. 🔥
What you get
  • Audio Quality

    A deep analysis of your audio quality, with a visual comparison with top tier podcasts from your industry.

  • Video Quality

    If your podcast has a video version, we will analyze it for potential improvements.

  • SEO

    One of the most overlooked aspects of Podcasting is SEO - how easily can new listeners find your podcast?

  • Content

    Should your podcast be longer? Shorter? Is the delivery too fast? Too slow? Do you say "um", "you know" & "ah" too often? Is the message understandable?

  • Recommendations

    Other recommendations that would be applicable to your podcast, to ensure the highest chances of exponential growth.

How it works: your 4 simple steps to improve the quality of your podcast
  • Step 1

    Book a roast: Choose one of the two options below and book your roast. Send us a link of your podcast (youtube, apple/android podcast or a simple link to an mp3 file)

  • Step 2

    Sit back & relax while we get to work: We will listen to your podcast while taking notes of the content. We also run the podcast audio file through audio quality tests to ensure that you are providing your listeners the best possible output. We also looks at your podcasts' discoverability and SEO.

  • Step 3

    Receive your roast back: You will receive your roast within 48hrs of booking it. It will be a PDF sent via email, with a detailed overview, tips & recommendations.

  • Step 4

    Implement: Take the recommendations, implement them and see your listenership skyrocket.

I am absolutely thrilled with the podcast roast I received! As a podcast host, it's crucial to ensure high audio quality and engaging content. The team meticulously analyzed my podcast, providing valuable feedback and suggesting improvements. Thanks to their expertise, my podcast is growing faster than before. I highly recommend their exceptional service!

I cannot express how grateful I am for the podcast roast I received. As a creator, it can be difficult to get objective feedback on what you are doing. My audio quality was good, but I changed the pacing, as well as the target audience of my podcast slightly, and this allowed me to get more guests and be featured in more podcasts, which is growing my podcasts exponentially. 

Choose from two options:

Single Roast

  • 1 roast
  • Delivered in 48h
  • Actionable tips to improve your Pod

3 Roasts

$299 / 3 months
  • 3 roasts (1x/month)
  • Less than $100 per roast
  • Great for serious growth & optimization
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